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We are so much more than just a Martial Arts school...

Our emphasis on street fighting solutions, non-violent bully intervention, and constant goal setting will instill a sense of inner calm and confidence. Finally our Wing Chun programs will raise your focus, spatial awareness, coordination, while simultaneously improving concentration and reducing anxiety.

Martial Arts for Children

Our Children program has been developed for the need to keep children safe and educated whilst having fun. Working through our program to build Confidence and self Esteem whilst delivering the important life skills to help them grow into young adults...... For more information regarding our children's martial arts classes and the location we hold these classes.

At Wing Chun International we develop your child from the inside out through our award winning Bully Proof Programme. Come along and try our FREE trial lesson! 


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Wing Chun for Adults

Wing Chun is a Martial art dedicated to the subject of self defence for adult students aged 13 and older. Wing Chun is unique as to where the Art fits to the Person unlike many other forms of Martial arts where the person must fit to the ART...  For more information on our regarding Adults Wing Chun classes.

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Martial Arts School of the year in Oxfordshire 2020

 Wing Chun International at Budo International

Read the Budo International Articles by the Instructors of Wing Chun International 

We hold sessions every week throughout locations in the South East of England.


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For more information click on the links below regarding our other locations..

WCI Banbury, WCI Bicester, WCI Milton Keynes, WCI Newbury, WCI Portsmouth, WCI Reading.



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Complimentary Wing Chun Class

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